Cosmoonaught - bullshut remix

from Cosmoonaughts by robomoon



Pop rock and meditative chanting. Robomoon envisions the concept of a Kama Sutra gym on asteroid 3753 Cruithne. Vocal performance includes fictional details about sexuality for mature listeners.


Digits with a colon in between indicate time in seconds to recite the below lyrics roughly in sync with the original Siddharta track by marKus.


0:09 Let men delight the woman
Who finds her karma

0:13 And when she feels her Kama
It just preserves her dharma

0:18 Her sutra will be sound
She went along undressed

0:23 While other bliss is found
In sauna rooms like best

0:29 Although we cosmoonaught tramps
Pick scrap metal for rockets

0:34 And leave our dumb bells
Full of cobwebs

0:38 Barely my toes to touch
I was inflexible much

0:43 Till it felt really bad
To be weak, stiffly, and sad!

0:49 (Sigh)
0:53 (Sigh)

0:56 Our leader saw this distress
And swift to our redress

1:00 From a nudists gym she came
For kamashastra with no shame

1:06 Told us her name was Miley
1:12 And said it was no fake

1:15 That she hiked fifty miles
1:22 On her long legs without a break

1:25 Bull mantra: Moouuuuooooou

1:45 "I wonder", I replied,
"I knew not what

1:49 For something I have sighed
Things get so hot!"

1:56 Long legs you straddle fast
New heat puts into us

2:00 And our prana lengthens
So much without a fuss!

2:06 (Breathe, breathe)
2:12 (Breathe, breathe)

2:16 (Breathe, breathe)

2:25 Leader Miley then said:
"On this mat in the shade

2:33 Put your hands on my leg!
We'll lay down top grade"

2:43 Bull mantra: Moouuuuooooou

3:04 Leader Miley lighted
A cheap incense stick

3:08 Since we reeked of sweat
Then she told a trick:

3:14 Up and down move your bum
On which I'll tip my thumb
To keep good time!

3:18 Shove your center close and back
Until your snout the joy spouts:
"This bliss divine!"

3:23 Gymnasts bow happily down
To their blessed leader!

3:28 To her power and renown
Their leading Kama Sutra reader!

3:33 Your limbs get flexible
When from your mind you mingle

3:37 With her nowhere relapsable
Yoni's tingle!

3:40 Any expert on asteroids I know
Her work cannot forgo

3:44 But owns her sway
Even today

3:50 Expert, leader, trainee
From greatest to the least

3:54 Wherever their point in space
From adept up to the priest!

4:01 Her mandala goes free
Through microgravity, hii, hii, hi, hi, hi, hi

4:19 Three seven five three
Cruinje sets her free

4:23 Not much less
Than a second moon I guess!

4:27 For greater dignity
And best authority
Has this asteroid been chosen!

4:33 Her greatest foe has been
Not in the least obscene:
Her sari against nude posing!

4:38 Conquer now this foe
Perfect his overthrow!

4:43 In sight we dare not show: sweat
In a space helmet!

4:49 The asteroid shines dim
It yields the place for our gym

4:52 For us, the cosmoonaught athletes

4:57 And may the asana
In graceful meditation

5:01 Man's lingam still ensnarrrrre
Until levitation!

5:07 And may the asana
In graceful meditation

5:11 Man's lingam still ensnarrrrre
Until levitation!

5:18 Her mandala goes free
Through microgravity, hii, hii, hi, hi, hi, hi


from Cosmoonaughts, track released March 20, 2016
In advance: credits could not contain external links (not supported) to music portals. Remix by robomoon consists of an alteration of the following track: Siddharta by by marKus licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 on its Jamendo Music site (hostname: jamendo, domain: com), track 1565. Lyrics contain an decently altered and modernized "pearl" of poems from the year 1880, public domain, retrievable on The Full Wiki . Disclaimer: All names of subjects, places, etc., mentioned in lyrics are fictional and resemblances with real subjects/objects would be coincidental.




robomoon Germany

Pop, rap, and extraplanetary avantgarde. Outlandish vocal eruptions mixed into various instrumental derivatives.

[Header image contains contains Mercury mosaic, public domain, by NASA/NSSDCA / Mariner 10 spacecraft]
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